At SACTRC we understand the importance of continuing and sustainable research to achieve timely and relevant interventions. It is imperative that as we support ongoing research, we also renew knowledge and infrastructure to ensure that the significance and quality of research conducted by and through SACTRC remains current.

As the administrative arm of SACTRC, South Asian Clinical Research is concerned with recruiting academics and professionals with potential and passion for growth.

Academic Training
Our postgraduate students not only receive regular supervision from their respective advisors, but are exposed to the research and academic processes of our most senior investigators. They meet regularly with our international collaborators, and present their findings as well as the progress made in their research with local and international collaborators at SACTRC Academics’ Meetings. From these meetings they are equipped to present papers at international gatherings of toxicologists and researchers, most notably the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicologists (APAMT).

Clinical/Laboratory Training
Our main executive arm is made up of a large number of Clinical Research Assistants (CRAs) who work round-the-clock, onsite at local hospitals, collecting and recording data and samples. SACTRC Clinical Research Assistants are generally new MBBS graduates (pre-interns) who are recruited annually, or as centres require.

Working with SACTRC before appointment to government hospitals as interns gives these doctors a great practical advantage over their colleagues. During their tenure at SACTRC they familiarize themselves with hospital care, laboratory practices and relational dynamics within a hospital setting. In addition, SACTRC CRAs working closely with postgraduate researchers and more senior investigators acquire a strong knowledge of research methodology and ethics. Thus they begin their hospital internships not simply as medical practitioners but with the critical thinking skills required of keen medical researchers.

We also recruit and train Clinical Laboratory Assistants in general laboratory practice as well as specialized tests.