SACR Governance


SACR consist of members who may be working in a voluntary capacity or be financially supported by SACR, and who are active members of the research collaboration. This includes,

  • Listed investigators on any grant which is utilizing SACR infrastructure or identity in the conduct of its research
  • Researchers who utilize SACR infrastructure or identity in the conduct of its research
  • Members of logistical staff supported by SACR
  • People who are involved in the supervision or training of SACR researchers or logistical staff

A senior advisory board advises the governing body on strategic plans and guides the governing body where and when necessary. This board comprises senior professors from local and international collaborating partners. The member of senior advisory board include,

  • Prof P. L Ariyananda
  • Prof Rezvi Sheriff
  • Prof Nimal Senanayake
  • Prof Janaka De Silva
  • Prof Ravindra Fernando

 Operations Group

  • Program Director (Prof Andrew Dawson)
  • Postgraduate Director and Coordinator (Prof. Nick Buckley)
  • Director –Clinical & Community Research Studies (Dr. Indika Gawarammana)
  • Director- Clinical & Community Research Studies (Dr. Shaluka Jayamanne)
  • Director- Laboratory Research Studies (Dr. Dhammika Dissanayake)
  • Director-Operations (Mr. Mohamed Fahim)

Governance group

  • It comprises of following members and chaired by an elected member. Currently Prof Andrew Dawson is serving this position
  • The principle investigator on any SACR supporting grant that is longer than 1 year duration, this automatic status finishes one year after the close of that grant.
  • Co-investigators of the main grants.
  • Members of senior advisory board
  • Members of operations group